Sunday, January 10, 2010

Monster Themed Cupcakes

I always volunteer to make all the birthday cakes for my family, with the exception of my brother's cake. My sister-in-law always makes that one. Well, this year my nephew requested a "monster" cake. I had this brilliant idea of how to make a furry monster cake. It ended up being a lot more difficult to make, and the results were far below my original expectations. And, as usual, I was doing it late at night and at the last minute. He loved it though, and that's what counts.

He also requested that I make some monster themed cupcakes for birthday party at school. These turned out much better. I use the grass tip for the yellow icing. The arms were pretzel sticks. The eyes were white icing and sparkly piping gel. I used a triangle of strawberry fruit roll-up for the tongue. They turned out looking rather happy and totally unscary. He said that his friends LOVED them. Score one for Auntie!

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